February 22, 2024


Dean Trout’s longing for banking led him to North Shore Bank

Before senior vice president and CIO Dean Trout joined North Shore Bank, he was working as an account executive for Fiserv, and before that as CIO for a multibillion-dollar bank in Ohio.

President and CEO Jay McKenna says, “It has been my pleasure to work beside Dean for so many years and through so many critically important events as North Shore has evolved, grown, and flourished…Dean’s vision, leadership, and skills have been integral to the success of the bank over the years.”  

Dean took a few minutes to share some thoughts with Shorelines about his past and the future he sees for North Shore Bank:

What led you into this industry? Are the same things that interested you then still interesting to you now? I got into banking because I needed a job, and in 1978 I thought the best way to do that was to walk Main Street of Akron, Ohio, going into as many businesses as I could with my resume until I found a job. I went into Akron Savings and Loan, and working in HR was a lady from church who recognized me. I got hired on the spot to be the clerk in the mail room. At the end of the year, the HR Manager called me into his office and told me that I was doing so well that I was getting a raise. I quickly figured out what a cost of living increase was. From there, I moved up the ladder in various departments. My last job at Akron Savings was in Mortgage Processing.

Akron Savings soon sold to Transohio, which was one of the first casualties of the Savings and Loan crisis. Shortly before the merger, I took a job with Champion Data Services of Cleveland when the CEO saw my keyboarding skills and hired me on the spot to work for them as a data communications specialist. I spent 13 years at Champion and learned everything about data processing in those pre-PC days. I eventually became the highest rated account executive in the company, as rated by our clients. Some of the hardest working people I ever met worked at Champion, and we did amazing work for banks from the East Coast to Illinois. From there, I felt the need to improve my banking skills since I spent my days talking to bank CEOs about data processing, and I really enjoyed bank operations. Those relationships I made propelled me into bank management positions. In 2000, I moved my family from Wooster, Ohio to Milwaukee to take an AE job with Fiserv, but I felt a longing for banking, and North Shore Bank had a need for a head of IT. It’s been the best move I ever made. 

What would you say is your motivation or guiding principle? Has it changed over the years? My motivation is to keep learning, improving my skill sets, turning myself into a better person, and getting uncomfortable so that I can grow. Of course, I have goals and I would encourage everyone to have goals, but more important than goals are to have daily habits which support those goals. Use those habits to train yourself to get better every day. I encourage you to read 10 pages a day in a management/self-improvement book to make you smarter and improve your skills. 

Start good habits, and see how your children and those around you start to copy your good habits. Surround yourself with good people, find a community, and make a difference in someone’s life! I’ve found it worthwhile to find ways to give back throughout my career and currently volunteer time as a mentor of four recently released men through Partners In Hope, a prisoner reintegration initiative that assists people in their successful transition back into society. For my wife and I, volunteering our time, often together, has been fulfilling and beneficial for these men and for us, and I urge others to find a way to lend support within our communities.  I might add, Partners in Hope/Community Warehouse is now a small business customer of the bank and being well supported by our Business Banking team too.


What has kept you at North Shore Bank? I really enjoy working with the leadership team and my management team. I believe in North Shore Bank and the tremendous work we are doing in and for our communities.

What have you learned over your time here? Consistency yields results. I have learned that actions speak louder than words, do your best, and there is room to make mistakes as long as you have integrity and want to improve.

What do you think the next 100 years will be like for North Shore Bank? The guiding conservation principles that are in place today have yielded tremendous results for North Shore Bank and those will continue as long as we are allowed to serve our communities.



New Berlin branch wins national award for customer service

Our New Berlin branch team won a national award for their customer service. North Shore Bank’s partner Reputation, a company that monitors and consolidates online feedback, annually awards top performing locations across all industries for achieving the highest level of recognition with their “800 Award.”

The 800 Award is one of the highest achievements a business can earn. Winners on the 2024 list have proven that they put customer experience at the very core of their strategy and are driven by the voice of the customer to succeed. Winners of the 800 Award earned a Reputation Score of 800 or greater. The 800 Award Winners set the gold standard for what it means to be truly customer-centric.

Our New Berlin branch earned this distinction – the first North Shore Bank location to be honored by Reputation. Sue Doyle, Cristen Baumann, and Craig Witz surprised the team to deliver their award in person (pictured below).

Congratulations to Sara Swosinski, Kevin Esser, Ana Howland, Sophia Alonso, and Chris Moyses!



Tisha Kenfield sits on Wisconsin Bankers Association first Careers in Banking Panel

Tisha Kenfield was asked to be a part of the WBA’s first Careers in Banking Panel discussion at UW–Green Bay. 



Tisha volunteered to be a part of this event due to her role on the WBA’s board. We love to see our bank employees getting out there in our communities!



January 2024 new hires

Please join us in welcoming our January 2024 new hires! 

  • Miki Barojas joined us as a Teller at the Mitchell Street Branch
  • Chris Ersbo joined us as an Investment Consultant in the Investment Services Department
  • Abi Ozuna joined us as an Associate Banker at the Kenosha South Branch
  • Ethan Stewart joined us as a Travelling Teller  

Welcome to the North Shore Bank team!


North Shore Bank even makes dogs happy!

Tara Neuville, Lead Teller at the Sturgeon Bay Branch, spotted North Shore Bank in a photo from one of her new customers! Addie the dog lives all the way in St. Augustine, FL, but she still loves North Shore Bank. 

“I thought it was way too cute!” Tara says. “Never know where North Shore Bank will turn up!”




Discover events and activities in and around your community

  • Milwaukee Business Journal Power Breakfast: presented by North Shore Bank, featuring Dominic Ortiz | Thursday, February 29, 2024 (8:00 AM) @ The Pfister Hotel  |  424 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202


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